Thu 22 Jun, 2017

New Kit ordering window open again.

The new club kit can be ordered from Friday 22nd June, Samples in varying sizes will be available to try on at the Wednesday club night.  There is a good selection of branded cycling kit, leisure wear and accessories available. The portal is provided by the selected supplier Provision and... [more]

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Fri 21 Jul, 2017 Time Trial Pushing Off

For a time trial to run smoothly there are a number of duties to be performed, one of which is the "Pusher Off".  The pusher off has a very simple role - to hold up the rider once the... [more]

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Wed 26 Jul, 2017 Jack Nunn 10 Mile Evening Time Trial Series

Rank Competitor(s) Club Time
1 Ben Anstie
Non Member 00:21:37
2 Matt Griffin
Non Member 00:21:47
3 James Cook
Non Member 00:22:22
4 Jon Griffin
Non Member 00:22:41
5 Simon Cox
Chippenham Wheelers 00:22:57
6 Andrew Spearman
Chippenham Wheelers 00:23:18
7 George Wadsworth
Chippenham Wheelers 00:23:29
8 Paul Winchcombe
Chippenham Wheelers 00:24:07
9 Mark Evans
Chippenham Wheelers 00:25:37
10 Andy Summers
Chippenham Wheelers 00:26:41
11 John Eames
Chippenham Wheelers 00:26:57
12 Kate Derrick
Chippenham Wheelers 00:27:06
13 Sue Crane
Chippenham Wheelers 00:28:08
14 Simon Wise
2nd Claim 00:29:54
15 Marco Matino
Non Member 00:30:31

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