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Ladies track bike for sale

Dolan TC1 Custom Build Track Bike £900 ONO Contact Stephen Provis: Frameset Blue/Black/White  colourway, Size 54 Alpina UD carbon forks Alpina Alloy 350... [more]

Tea rota

TEA ROTA SEPT 6TH                           GRAHAM LACEY SEPT 13TH                  ... [more]

Help Needed - Assistant Racing Secretary

The role of Assistant Competitive Events Secretary or Assistant Racing Secretary has been unfilled for a while.  The committee has agreed that under their duty of care this role is required and... [more]

Time Trial Pushing Off

For a time trial to run smoothly there are a number of duties to be performed, one of which is the "Pusher Off".  The pusher off has a very simple role - to hold up the rider once the... [more]

Duties of a Time Trial Marshal

This article provides guidance on marshaling.  I have edited the CTT guidance to make it more applicable to the club evening events The CTT Guidance says that: "The marshal’s duty is... [more]

The Highway Code and Time Trials

In previous news stories the fact that the club runs time trials under the rules of the Cycling Time Trials organisation has been highlighted.  At each event riders sign on to say that they will... [more]

Club Night - change of venue

For the months of July and August the venue for our Wednesday Club Night has changed. Instead of our usual location at the Scout Hut in Derriards Lane we are moving to The Wellesley Arms in Sutton... [more]

New Kit ordering window open again.

The new club kit can be ordered from Friday 22nd June, Samples in varying sizes will be available to try on at the Wednesday club night.  There is a good selection of branded cycling kit,... [more]

Last Go-Ride this Thursday!

This Thursday 22 June is the last Go-Ride for the Summer. As per previous years, we plan to ride the circuit (weather dependant of course!) -=-=-=-=-=-=--= We have been putting our heads... [more]

Tuesday Castle Combe Training / Coaching Sessions.

    The Club runs Training / Coaching sessions every Tuesday evening at 1830 throughout the summer at Castle Combe Circuit.  The circuit provides a safe and controlled environment to... [more]

Weekend leisure rides

With the very popular club Audax series now completed, the calendar of (mostly) Sunday rides through to September has been published. For your advanced planning and negotiation, there are a good... [more]

Hinder and Gerald 25 Mile Time Trial - Change of Course

Read on if you are one of the club time trialists who may be interested in competing in the Hinder (Fastest) and Gerald (Ladies) competition.  This is a 25 mile time trial being held on... [more]

Audax activity table - please check

Below I have pasted a table supplied to me by Mark which he has carefully prepared, listing which member has completed which of our six Randonees. Whereas Mark's table was sent to me in... [more]

Cyclists passing horses

Please read the following excellent advice on how to ride your bicycle safely past horse riders. (Guidance from our friends at the British Horse Society).    Let the horse and rider know... [more]

Club Time Trials - our responsibilities

As you may be aware we hold our club time trials under the auspices of the Cycling Time Trials (CTT) organisation and as such we have certain rules we must abide by.  All our course are... [more]