Club 2016/17 Mudflap competition

News has reached Head Office, that some members are still attending club rides in this wintry weather without mudflaps. Tut tut!  If this is you, please get it sorted or until you do ride at the back of the group. It must be time to bring out the mudflap news story again! .............

As the lanes are proper mucky at long last, it seems a good idea to get this seasons mudflap competition started. 

So here are the rules:-
1. Make your own mudflap 2. Attach to mudguard 3. Take photo and email in to 4. There are no more rules

There are many forum posts on the club website about the art of mudflap making. 

Or take a look at the mudflap gallery for some excellent examples! (You need to be logged in to view the gallery).

Or come along to Club Night and ask any random person.

Or just make contact with Pete Bradford, Professor of Mudflap Technology, University of Monkton Park.

Competition will end and winner announced on the first day of Spring. (Is that Monday 20 March?)

Happy mudflap making!

(Please note that if you are partaking in a club group ride you must make sure you avoid spraying your fellow riders with whatever detritus happens to lying on the road. And for those with no rear mudguard, let alone mudflap, you should be aware that sitting in the local cafe and leaving your mark means the proprietor is not at all keen on us making a return visit - so please get it sorted!)