Youth Presentation Evening - The Sequel!

Wednesday 15 February is the date for our Youth Presentation Evening. It takes place at the Club House at 8pm sharp.

Whats that I hear you cry - another Youth Presentation Evening??! Yes, you are correct, we did hold a Youth Presentation Evening back in December. However, a number of our young wheelers were unable to attend as our event seemed to clash with many school events taking place before Christmas on the same week. Because of this, and also because we really enjoyed the last one, we thought we would hold a sequel.

All our young members and their families are invited. As well as the prizes, refreshments will be provided and a short presentation will be given on the many and varied activities in which our young members can partake during 2017.

We aim to answer all youth related questions: -

What is a log book?

When does the circuit racing start?

How does the award scheme work?

How do I earn points during the year?

How old do I need to be to ride a Time Trial (at Castle Combe or on the road?)

What is GoRide and what age group is it aimed at?

Why does the Racing Secretary ride with 3 pumps?

How do you make the trophies so shiny?

Why on earth did you oldies vote us out of the EU? 

We look forward to seeing you on the 15th!