Club Medium Gear Trophy Event - 18 February

It is time to come out of winter hibernation for the first club time trial of the year.  Meet at Queen's Gate Field in Sutton Benger by 1345 hrs on Saturday 18 February ready to start at 1400 hrs.  The time trial is over the Sutton Benger UC861 course and is for "Medium" gear bikes.  A full explanation is in the club diary but "Medium" gear is a maximum of a 72" gear where the distance travelled for one pedal revolution is 18ft 10.1/4 inches.

Fixed, single freewheel and geared bikes are allowed, although on geared bikes the stops will have to be screwed in to prevent a gear over 72" being selected.

If you want to ride your true TT steed just for the run out then you are welcome to race but your time will not count towards the "Medium Gear Trophy".

Marshals etc needed as always.