Please help marshall at Hardriders on Sunday 5 March!

Hi Fellow Wheelers,
I am organising the Wheelers first Open Time Trial event of the new season on Sunday 5 March. Open, means that riders are mostly from other clubs in the region, so we want to put on a good show. Please could any members help out as marshals? 
The first rider starts at 9am and Marshalls need to be in place for approx 1.5 hours from just after 9am depending on where you are on the course. (I can advise more exact times individually). 

The course is Tormarton, Marshfield, Yatton Keynell, Acton Turville, Tormarton (past start again) finishing just short of Marshfield. (Riders take about an hour or so for the 23 miles).
You will be provided with free tea, coffee and cake at the HQ at the Marshfield Community Centre afterwards! Plus a mention in the newsletter too! And a warm glow inside from having helped out your wonderful club. 
Marshalls main duties are to smile, point in a random direction and shout 'well done' with plenty of enthusiasm. Apart from our much loved Racing Secretary, who you are allowed to boo to your hearts content. 

Please let me know if you are able to assist. Email

Muchos Gracias.