Opportunities to help your Club!

Hi all, there has been a fair amount of discussion over the last few months about the Saturday and Sunday Leisure Rides. To enable these rides to be all inclusive and to encompass the club ride ethos the club requires volunteers to assist on a rota basis in the following areas: -

Saturday Leisure Ride: 20 to 30 miles, 12-14mph average (for the last group), for mixed ages and abilities.
The last group on the road will be a guided ride with an allocated Ride Leader who will ensure that the group remains together, waiting at the top of hills etc. and who will be available to assist, where possible, with any mechanical problems encountered. 
If numbers permit, groups may be formed at the start of the ride based on abilities. Once formed, groups should maintain traditional cycling club etiquette at all times to ensure no one gets lost or in mechanical trouble
Volunteer Ride Leaders are required on a rota basis to lead the last group on the road 

Sunday Leisure Ride: 40+ miles, 13 (minimum)-17mph average, for the fitter and more self-reliant rider with some experience of group riding skills 
This is NOT a led ride but traditional cycling club etiquette is encouraged at all times to ensure no one gets lost or in mechanical trouble. Subject to numbers on the day these rides will break into faster and slower groups to ensure manageable group size (8 to 10 max. recommended)
Volunteer ‘Lanterne Rouge’ riders are required on a rota basis to ride with the last group on the road (this role may not be needed every week but will be dependent on the mix of the abilities of the riders that turn up on the day)

If you would like to volunteer please email your name, telephone number, email address and availability to leisureride@chippenhamwheelers.org . Remember the more volunteers we have, the fewer times you will be needed!

This clarification of the Leisure rides has Committee approval and the club Website and Handbook will be updated to reflect this.