Club Open 10 Mile Time Trial - Volunteering Opportunity - Saturday 6 May

The Club is hosting our second Open Time Trial of 2017 onSaturday 6th May. First rider is off at 3pm so this is not one of those events with an early start time! As event organiser I am seeking some volunteers from our membership to help out on the afternoon of the event. (I have sent out an e-mail to some and will be on the phone soon :-) )

The event HQ is Little Sommerford Village Hall. The Time Trial will start at 3pm The last rider will set off at circa 4.30pm (assuming a full field) and all riders should have finished by about 5pm

If you can spare a few hours on the afternoon of 6 May, please get in touch as soon as possible by email ( or use my contact form on the club website or even ring 07792 372 309. Many thanks in anticipation!

All volunteers will receive free refreshments at the end of the ride!

The following positions need to be filled:

Paul Winchcombe
Racing Secretary - course signing, event organisation

HQ Co-ord/Signing On
Ensure that riders sign on, read the latest course Risk Assessement and collect the correct race number.  Also looks after the safety pins which as we all know is a very important task.  And for this year ensuring riders have signed back in

Fetching Results
A a runner / rider to collect results as they come in order that the finish results can be compiled in “live time”. 

Pusher Off
The Pusher Off should have hand - eye co-ordination with a sense of balance to hold up racers so they can clip in and set off as their time is called.

Time Keepers
Start - Sue Edwards
Finish - Sheila Edwards

Start Official
The Start Official will be required to attend the start of the Time Trial with the start timekeeper (Sue Andrews) and pusher-off, keep the start area free from obstruction and resolve any last minute issues. It would be a good opportunity for any members who are interested in learning a little more about the pusher-off or start timekeeper roles.

As a 10 mile event with a turn at a roundabout this event only needs 3 marshals to stand at each exit / entrance. The purpose of marshals is to indicate to the riders the route to be taken (i.e. not to direct traffic!). Each marshal will be provided with a fluorescent jacket on the day together with brief instructions. The roundabout is the one at Royal Wootton Basset.

Traffic Count
The Traffic Counter is required to take a note of the amount of traffic passing at a certain point on the course. A pencil and official recording form will be supplied. Instructions are simple and can be given on the day!

Cake makers
If you would like to make a cake (or 2) for the event that would be much appreciated. You will be reimbursed for the cost of ingredients!  Please let me know though or else I will be heading for that supermarket chocolate.

Kitchen Staff
Someone is needed to make tea / coffee for the riders and support team (and wash up)

Existing Volunteers for above roles:
Marin Priestley