Hinder and Gerald 25 Mile Time Trial - Change of Course

Read on if you are one of the club time trialists who may be interested in competing in the Hinder (Fastest) and Gerald (Ladies) competition.  This is a 25 mile time trial being held on Wednesday 21 June.  Since roadworks are due to start on 19th June the course will be based on the one we used last year with a slightly different start point.


The RV will be in the layby at the top of Clay Street, north of Little Somerford.

This is the same course we will be using for the U86/25 that weekend for which we still need assistance.

Registration will close at 1815 hrs

If you wish to be considered for the Hinder Handicap prize please notify me by 13 June.  With the club 25 organisation and running an all day event for Nationwide I need an extra day to think about the handicaps.