Tuesday Castle Combe Training / Coaching Sessions.



The Club runs Training / Coaching sessions every Tuesday evening at 1830 throughout the summer at Castle Combe Circuit.  The circuit provides a safe and controlled environment to cycle and is open to all.  For those not aware, a simple registration process is required to access the track. More details about the track and registration process can be found here.


The aim of the sessions is to develop group riding skills that are transferable to the road.  This will hopefully improve the rider experience and rider safety during weekend club rides.


The details are as follows:


  • The meeting point is the layby halfway down the start grid – North West corner of the circuit.
  • All riders should wear Club Kit.  This helps prevent interference from non-club riders who try to join the group.  Some spare Club gilets may be available for those without club kit, but the safest bet is to buy, beg, steal or borrow!
  • The number of riders will dictate the number of groups formed.  As minimum we will aim to divide into 2 groups – one steady, one quicker. 
  • Each group will have a nominated lead rider and a support rider to provide a degree of control, prevent interference from non-club riders and where necessary highlight coaching points.
  • Generic guidelines are: 
    • Do a bike check to make sure your bike is fit for riding at speed in a group.  We don’t want bottles, saddle bags or worse flying off at 40kph.
    • Don’t expect a prescribed coaching or training session, the idea is to learn through experience with a bit of guidance when required, or if asked for.  If new to group riding just make a Lead Rider aware.
    • Communication is key, if the pace is too high and riders are struggling to keep up, shout forward (as you would on the road).
    • Remember this is a team sport, work as a team.
    • Ride smoothly to give other riders confidence in you.
    • Riders who wish to re-join a group, or turn up late and want to join should prepare by accelerating as the group approaches and join the back of the group from the right side.  You may need to squeeze in front of non-Club riders.  The key is to communicate and be clear with your actions.
  • Further Steady  group guidelines are as follows: 
    • The steady group is aimed at those wanting to ride steady and those wanting an introduction to group riding.  
    • As with the Saturday Leisure rides, no one will get dropped.
    • Riders who push the pace will be asked to ease up or to join the quicker group.
  • Further quicker group guidelines are as follows: 
    • The aim is to ride as a group and not blow up after a couple of laps. The plan will be to start steady and then for the bulk of the session ride at tempo pace – Google if required. 
    • Stronger riders can do the work into wind or do longer efforts on the front.  
    • When doing ‘though and off’ (Google again if need be) keep it smooth. Don’t try to impress with your ability to come through strong, it serves only to annoy other riders and will ultimately break to the group up.