The Highway Code and Time Trials

In previous news stories the fact that the club runs time trials under the rules of the Cycling Time Trials organisation has been highlighted.  At each event riders sign on to say that they will ride in accordance with the CTT rules and as club members are expected to ride in accordance with the club rules.  Guest riders are briefed on the course and any particular hazards peculiar to the course.  The rules are not onerous and there is an expectation that racers will follow those rules, which include obeying the Highway Code.  The club rules do include sanctions for anyone observed breaking those rules.

At a recent evening 10 mile time trial several riders were observed cutting the corner at the right turn after the motorway bridge in clear breach of the Highway Code thus jeopardising themselves and potentially any member of the public using the road, especially those not in motor vehicles such as other cyclists.  This is despite the club handbook highlighting this hazard and mentioned in some forum posts over the years.

After much discussion the committee has agreed not to impose the sanctions in the club rules as it was felt that some riders might not understand the implications of the CTT rules.  For the avoidance of doubt all racers must familiarise themselves with the CTT rules ( and the club rules in the club handbook (

This diagram from the children’s bikeability shows how to take a right turn correctly and makes the point that even when racing riders may need to stop at the right turn!

Any future breaches of the club rules will result in sanctions being applied for your own safety and for the compliance of the club with its own risk assessment for the course.