Time Trial Pushing Off

For a time trial to run smoothly there are a number of duties to be performed, one of which is the "Pusher Off".  The pusher off has a very simple role - to hold up the rider once the time keeper has announced "30 seconds".  This allows the rider to clip in and prepare to start the event.  Recently we have not had a dedicated pusher off and the time keeper has performed this role while time keeping, which is not prohibited by any rules but is clearly not ideal.

As a result the committee have agreed that the time keeper will no longer push off whilst time keeping.  If there is no non-riding pusher off then there are 2 options for an event:

1. Each rider sets themself off and clips in as they start
2. The last rider off will act as pusher off and the time keeper will push off the last rider only (this should not be the same rider each week)

Once the new website is up how to run a published roster will be investigated for this and other roles.