Help Needed - Assistant Racing Secretary

The role of Assistant Competitive Events Secretary or Assistant Racing Secretary has been unfilled for a while.  The committee has agreed that under their duty of care this role is required and should be filled to support the Racing Secretary who has been seen looking a little tired recently.  This is not necessarily an onerous role as the Racing Secretary has largely forgotten how to delegate but with education it is thought that this weakness can be corrected.  Phrases such as “what can I do to help” or “I could do that“ would start this process.  The duties are not thought to be too time consuming but could grow and this is one of those opportunities phrased in the Corporate World as “this would be a fantastic way for you to show what you can do”.  You will be inducted into the world of Cycling Time Trials rules, event management, weekly evening time trials, uploading results without resorting to putting a .jpg on FaceBook and even “that spreadsheet”.  Remember “that spreadsheet” holds the arcane magic science which is the Jack Nunn Handicap and many other carefully crafted calculations which lead to the annual trophy presentations.  Once you understand “that spreadsheet” the Racing Secretary will have completed his task and have learnt the art of delegation.  You will have the satisfaction of being another honoured member of our committee and more importantly of keeping the dark arts of time trialing alive and well within the club.  You will be able to explain that “U” courses are in Western District, “R” courses are in Wales which are generally considered to be an extension of Western District and that “H” courses seemed to be favoured by the Racing Secretary as he loves the bumps on the A31.

If anyone would like to volunteer then please contact the Racing Secretary. 

Applications should contain a 1,000 word essay on “How to ride faster”.  Assuming that we are swamped with applications as all time trialists and club riders will realise the importance of this post interviews will be conducted on …………………….  (look the Racing Secretary thinks he is at work and is recruiting another Senior Solution Architect for business and IT systems design.)

Just let him know and help out.