Club Hill Climb Saturday 7 October

Nick Planning His Recovery

As some of you may be aware our organiser for the club hill climb at Lacock up Bowden Hill on Saturday 7 October has been laid low by a cycling accident.  The Racing Secretary has picked up the administrative aspects of setting up the event and Richard Buckley has volunteered to be the grown up on the day in the HQ.  However, as Nick Ferris is without IT (his is at work) and not able to make the normal appeals for help if anyone is able to assist on the day it would be very helpful.  We need a pusher off, a finish assistant and someone to run the tea/cakes in the HQ.  I have been informed orginal article contained an error - a hill climb does need marshals to act as observers in case a rider puts a foot down (automatic disqualification) so I actually need 3 marshals and a catcher at the top (for exhausted riders) even though it is a 1.6 mile climb with no turns.  We do also need a few more entries and based on some of whippets who turned our recently for the Steel is Real, I think there are budding time trialers out there who could do Bowden real justice - you know you want to and it won't take up your whole day.  It is also a great spectator sport and you can take bets on who the Racing Secretary will beat - going by the last 5 year's results your money should be safe.

Volunteers please contact Paul Winchcombe - the Racing Secretary