Ted Lewis

We received information last week about the death of Ted Lews, a enthusiastic and long service member of the club. This note was from his son Dave Lewis.

This is a message to the club to say that my father, Edward Lewis who was a member of your club for many years has died at the age of 84 on August 25th. Your members would have known him as Ted and I know that he enjoyed his time with your club very much. He has not been a member for a while because his age and fitness prevented it. We do still have his time trial medals and it was a surprise to us that during a recent call from a paramedic he was recognised by his association with your club. 

Any members of the club that knew him and would like to come and pay their respects would be very welcome to attend his funeral which will be at the Semington crematorium on September 15th at 10:45. There will be a wake after to which all will be welcome. 

The paramedic mentioned in the note was club member Mark Wareham who attended as a first responder.

John Else also added the following anecdote:

A lot of people will remember enjoying Ted's enthusiasm and comments while riding and racing with the Wheelers. Originally he was known as Big Ted as  a little Ted joined around the same time. We met with Ted in Aldi a few weeks ago and although he claimed he couldn't cope with cycling now, we saw him pedal off with his shopping. A great character, still asking about his club contemporaries when we met him. He also was hard-of-hearing in one ear - his derailleur ear as he called it.