Audax series background

Originally AUDAX is Latin for "Courageous" and was first used in 1904 in France where this type of event was developed.

Audax rides are NOT races. Everyone rides to their own limitations and the primary objective just to 'get round'. There are maximum and minimum time limits, which are designed to suit everyone from the fittest of recreational riders, to more occasional riders who have plenty of determination. The routes typically feature only a few fast main roads and a lot of quiet, scenic lanes. Many events can be and are quite hilly, and even the flatter ones usually have one or two challenging climbs.

Each rider carries a 'brevet card' which is stamped at intermediate checkpoints and at the finish, and which is later returned to the rider as a certificate of their achievement.

The club runs a series of Audax events each year starting with the 50km Audax in and progressing monthly to a challenging 175km in May/June. Please see the calendar for the events planned.

Club Randonee Series (Audax) 2017

50km         Jan 15th        10.00am    £2.50


75km         Feb 5th            9.30am     £1.00



100km   Feb 12th ‘Flapjack’

AUK Open - event entries no 

later than Mon. 30th Jan for

Chippenham Wheelers Riders.



100km        Mar 12th             9.00am     £3.50


125km        Apr 9th               9.00am     £1.00


150km        May 7th              8.30am     £1.00


175km       June 4th             8.00am     £2.50

Route details available on the Wednesday
prior to event or at the start on Sunday.

Events start from the Bath Road car park.
Please arrive at least 15 mins. before the
start time to collect your Brevet Card.

Correct entry fee required – no notes!