Castle Combe circuit

Chippenham Wheelers have over many years, had access to the Castle Combe race circuit for  general riding and training sessions every Tuesday night from April until September. for 2017 the format of these sessions is the same as in previous years. Structured group sessions will be run for club members from May to July. We ensist on wearing club jersey for these sessions to assist in identifying group members and discourage interlopers.

Sessions at Castle Combe commence on Tuesday 11th April 2017 and run weekly until the end of September. Start time: 5.30pm. 

Due to the growing popularity of the training sessions, the safety and well-being of all riders is of paramount importance. The evenings are organised under the banner of Castle Combe Cycling Organisation (CCCO), established by the Circuit management and administered by Andy Cook Cycling Ltd.

Please note:

  • Access to the circuit is via the ‘Competitors Entrance’ on the B4039. There is a large car-park here.

  • The charge to ride on the circuit each week remains unchanged at £3 per adult (£1 for under-18s). This is to cover administration and insurance costs.

  • Toilet and changing facilities are available.

  • Riders under 14 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

  • Riders will need to register (see details below). From then on riders will need to show their membership card and pay each evening at the gate.

  • Smarter Registration for 2017

To streamline the registration process, we have a new online system for 2017 similar to that used by Park Run events throughout the UK.

By registering you become a member of the Castle Combe Cycling Organisation which is a partnership between Andy Cook Cycling Ltd and Castle Combe Motor Racing Circuit Ltd and subsequently affiliated to British Cycling.

The cost of registration for the year is:

£2 for an adult
£1 for an Under 18

We are requesting the same simple one off registration information on line that we required in previous years using paper forms:

Name of emergency contact
Phone number for emergency contact
E mail address

Get registered now in 2 minutes…/tuesday-night-castle-combe-cycling

The problem with the old paper forms was that riders keen to get out onto the track were not always accurate with the information that they provided. (I lost count of the number of Mickey Mouses out on the track and emergency contact numbers that went - 01234 567891.....!!)

The new system will allow a much smoother and faster process on the night as all we have to do is scan your card (either on your phone or a physical card).

The system will allow us to know who is out on the track each night and hopefully if people have registered with correct emergency contact details then we will be confident that we have the relevant details if required.

We will not e-mail you with any other spam. We will alert you of nights when we might have to use a different entrance,any cancellations, end of the summer date etc..!

  • Thank you for your cooperation and continued support!